Specialist in Cardiology German Board Certified

Dr. Tareq Ateeq is a German Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology/Emergency Medicine.


  • He completed the study of Medicine at The Friedrich Wilhelm University in Bonn.


  • In the course of his education, he was able to specialize in the following subject area

    •  Specialist physician for internal medicine

    •  Specialist in emergency medicine

    •  Specialist for Cardiology

  • Dr. Ateeq underwent an intensive training in all areas of Cardiology core topics.

  • He acquired in-depth knowledge and experience in complex cardiac issues and particularly deals with complex cardiac pathologies, alongside all the usual intensive care therapies.

  • Dr. Ateeq applies as an excellent invasive cardiologist, complex intervention as a challenge.

  • In addition, he has long experience in the programming and implanting of ICD and CRT systems the cath lab.

  • Currently, He is the Head of the Department of Rhythmology/ Device-Implantation of the St. Elisabeth Hospital/Comprehensive Hospital Bernkastel-Wittlich / Germany, as well as an invasive and noninvasive cardiologist.

  • He is fluent in English, Arabic, and German.

Dr.Tareq Ateeq is a leader in the following Cosmetic Service:

Special Expertise & Service

  • Screening for coronary heart disease & cardiac arrhythmia

  • Carotid duplex, Duplex of Veins and Arteries

  • Transthoracic echocardiography (TTE)

  • Transesophageal echocardiography (TTE)

  • Physiological and drug stress echocardiography

  • Ergometry

  • Coronary angiography including percutaneous coronary intervention ( PCI)

  • Implantation and follow up of heart monitor, pacemaker, defibrillators and CRT systems (Cardial Resynchronisation Therapy)

  • Electro and drug-related cardioversion

  • Adjustment of cardiac insufficiency

  • Long-term blood pressure measurement

  • ECG and long-term ECG

Board Certification & Credentials

  • German Specialist Register: Emergency Medicine

  • German Specialist Register: Internal Medicine

  • German Specialist Register: Internal Medicine and Cardiology

  • German specialist in radiation protection Emergency diagnosis and angiography-Register

  • German Cardiac Society -Register of technical qualification for interventional cardiologist and Device –Implantation

Awards & Affiliations 

  • Membership of the German Cardiac Society

  • Membership of the European Society of Cardiology

  • Membership of the Working Group interventional Cardiology/ Germany

  • Membership of the County Chamber of Physicians Trier/ Germany

  • Membership of the State Chamber of Physicians Rhineland-Palatinate/ Germany

  • Approved licensed physician in Switzerland (Mebeko)